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Hahah I'd like to point out I predicted the Trump/Bane parallel (I drew Trump hair on Bane's cloak) --- also I somehow predicted Miranda/Putin

The Dark Knight Rises: Revolution 0306061109 by kinjamin

(apologies for putting political stuff in my art.. I mostly never do)
The Dark Knight Rises: Revolution 0220120542
In honor of the Gotham Sirens film announcement, the next page in this installment.  Takes place after the Black Mask thing.  If you're asking "ugh why did you draw Ivy naked?"  -- it's because this exact scenario happens almost exactly the same wya in 'Harley Quinn Road Trip Special #1' (except Selina is less annoyed in that issue) -- I loved that particular comic and wanted to pay some homage to it.

Also, if you're wondering why Selina is poisoned.. it's because I'm changing the Black Mask fight a little.  Selina will have Ivy poison Roman's apartment complex.. but Selina messes up the timing and accidentally ingests some of Ivy's magic.  The reason being is because I was not feeling the idea that Selina loses a lot of blood from gunshot wounds.  Because if she got shot up like that, doesn't make sense that she's all 100% by the time Bruce gets back.

lastly, Eiko is an actual character from the last Catwoman run who I really liked and kinda sucks wasn't explored more.  The idea here is that she's one of the 'strays' Selina takes in during the Occupation of Gotham
The Dark Knight Rises: Revolution 0306061109
Sorry to get Political.  Started this post-election, and now have this darkness in my comic pages.  Might be good as an antidote for Artists' block maybe?

Second apology is to anyone that wanted to see me do the Court of Owls.  It was always my intention for Miranda and Bane to purposely be targeting the Court in TDKR. I see Miranda infiltrating their ranks and destroying them from the inside.  It was part of the reason (as I see it) why they went for the rich and rallied the poor.

Also to note, that's Katrina Law as Nyssa.  Because she's Nyssa to me in all universes.
The Dark Knight Rises: Revolution 0221090911
Everything is subject to change.. still working on the story (I've already taken out the name 'Siren' because potentially I'm going to do some pages without the Sirens)

This is Harley's introduction as she takes care of some of Black Mask's men (Ivy is taking out the rest)  Modeled after Gillian Jacobs. I wanted to do Harley in a way where she has zero inner monologue and pretty much just says what she's thinking.  Because of the three Sirens, she's the 'id' of the group (where Ivy is more the ego, and Selina is the super-ego)

UPDATE: Made some changes.. wasn't happy with how static Harley's face was in that big panel. 
Trying to get myself to draw faster (this one is ready for scanning at least)I swear I'm still drawing by kinjamin


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Currently at Treyarch Corp.

Working as an animator on the Call of Duty: Black Ops series.

twitter: @abouthebenjamin

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Motorhed Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2017
I always thought DC was missing a massive opportunity by not creating a "Nolanverse" title in the comics. Now I know I was right.
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I love your work sir. You're a badass
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Thanks for the fav!!! you have an awesome gallery!!
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kinjamin Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2016  Professional Filmographer
After that last (fantastic) trailer I'm completely fine with it. Heath Ledger is my favorite Joker aesthetic, so I'm glad they did something completely different.
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kinjamin Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016  Professional Filmographer
I have some Black Mask plans - and I think for the Ventriloquist. Nothing yet for the rest... But if I think of something I think is clever, I'll do it for them.
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