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(WIP) Gotham Under Martial Law 0047:22:08:17 by kinjamin
(WIP) Gotham Under Martial Law 0047:22:08:17
Hey guys just wanted to put this up.  It's under construction because I'm still working on the story and fine tuning the look and feel of it all.  So this page in particular will probably change later down the line (and will be in color) But I wanted to show you guys I was still doing Batman (TDKR related) things.

 I feel like Anne Hathaway's Catwoman isn't as celebrated as she should be, despite all the accolades she received in 2012, so wanted to do a string of comic "pages" starring her.  And because I love how the current comics run has her as almost the 3rd Musketeer in the Poison Ivy/Harley friendship, I was dying to include that. So they're very much Selina's backup as she learns to deal with life while Bane's forces have Gotham under siege.

What I was going to do was upload these one at a time, and not necessarily chronologically, which is why each one will have a timestamp like this one. So, as you can tell by now, Black Mask is already dead.  Sorry Sionis fans, but Selina does indeed shoot him in the f'n face. But don't worry, was going to do the Selina vs. Roman fight next (and it's brutal)

Other notes:

One thing I came to terms with is that the style I was drawing Batman stuff wasn't very 'Batman' in tone.  I wasn't embracing the blacks and the shadows as much. I think someone commented on one of my TDKR Epilogues that it looked cartoony.. and I now understand where he/she was coming from. (But bless everyone that liked my stuff anyways) -- so I wanted to go full on J.H. Williams/Tristan Jones with this.

Speaking of J.H. Williams, I AM unashamedly trying to emulate his style of layouts and merge it with my own. I like that I always have a sorta 'pin-up' in all the comics I do in front of the comic panels (in this case, it's Selina holding up Roman's face like a saint in a stained-glass window) --- and I wanted to match that with Williams' brilliant handling of his comic spreads.  I mean why the hell not, right?  If I'm going to copy someone, it should be someone brilliant.

Really wanted to push that Selina is like a mythological hero here.  She's basically Perseus slaying the Medusa.  I initially had her in a pose that was a classic Perseus statue pose, but it didnt fit the layout. For those that are not aware, Black Mask is essentially her blood enemy.  I would argue moreso than Batman is Roman's enemy.  Pre-52 AND Post-52 they have huge beef that's (in both cases) results in Selina shooting him in the face.

I'm backtracking just a little teensy bit with Harley in terms of the continuity I established. I implied Harleen became Harley after John Blake became Batman.  HOWEVER, I have an out - I actually stated she became the new Agent of Chaos. Not that she hadn't already assumed the Harley Quinn identity.

Called Michelle Pfeiffer "Alpha" because she's like a Lioness Alpha.  Is that dumb?  You guys can tell me if that's dumb.

So in this time period, Harley and Ivy carry on like a full-on couple. Although, like the comics, it's not necessarily an exclusive relationship. Not really going to delve into what happens prior to cause this... I honestly just feel safer with her being Ivy's. Don't want this to turn into too much fan service though, this is the only time you see them kiss (and I tried to make a sweet way.. not some PornHub way)

[UPDATE] Forgot to mention the dagger is similar to the Ajanti Dagger from the Eddie Murphy movie 'Golden Child' -- Harley is in love with pop culture so when she saw the knife in the midst of Alpha's weaponry, she absolutely had to have it.

Coming up later: The only time I divert away from the Gotham Sirens is a comic spread devoted to Miranda/Talia and the Court of Owls.  Also Harley and Ivy will shine in their own individual page(s) as well.
Black Canary Band by kinjamin
Black Canary Band
In case anyone misses it - their instruments are meant to parallel the weapons they use. Did this for the #laurellanceweek thats happening on twitter. 
Sneak Peek WIP - Harley and Ivy by kinjamin
Sneak Peek WIP - Harley and Ivy
Hey guys, just wanted to share something real quick while I'm still working on it.  Still in the TDKR universe, it's Harley and Ivy.  For the Community fans, I decided to model both of them after Gillian Jacobs and Alison Brie... I've actually done this before (…) but I swapped who is who (primarily because Gillian Jacobs had a goth scene one time in season 3 and she looked like Harley!)  Somehow though, this Harley still looks like Margot Robbie.  Which, considering how awesome the Suicide Squad trailer, I don't mind at all. In the actual comic book scene I'm doing, they're in a dark ass warehouse, so I don't know how well lit they're going to be, so what they look like here will not be the same. 
I think I finally hashed out how I'm going to do the Riddler. Gonna take some time tho because its going to be a double spread. But I'm really fusing him into the TDK trilogy lore.


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Are we going to get more Man of Steel Prologue/TDK Trilogy Epilogue type images, but based on the upcoming Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad movies? If we do, I'd love to see something based on Bizarro and something based on a new DCCU version of Poison Ivy.
kinjamin Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2016  Professional Filmographer
Yeah I will.. but I want to see how the movies play out first.  Haha I'm not super pleased I did a Doomsday and they went ahead and did Doomsday anyway (which I didn't foresee)
Nerdman3000 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2016
You know what I'd also like to see? A Earth 3 version of the DC Cinematic Universe, that is the universe shown in Man of Steel and the Upcoming Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad.
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I'm curious as to if you'll be adding more to the Dark Knight Epilogue set...
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I have stuff in planning but I'm super busy on Black Ops 3 right now. So unfortunately not any time soon.
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Hey Ben! Are you open to commissions?
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I'd love to see a Lord Death Man too
RexcoCorps Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2015
I love all your Batman stuff! Mind if I use a few of your ideas in my own story I'm working on? It's a combination of several elements or media including a novel with a very different take onon Thomas and Martha.
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