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TDK Trilogy Epilogue: Clayface by kinjamin
TDK Trilogy Epilogue: Clayface
So when I was thinking up Clayface for the villain piece I did, I dug the idea to just go to the source.  In Detective Comics #41, Basil Karlo is introduced as a disgruntled actor with a mask that goes ape-sh*t serial killer on a film studio.  I pretty much just kept that origin. 

I'd like to think of Basil as an evil Daniel Day-Lewis that went off the deep end.

With all the technical advances Hollywood can do with prosthetic makeup, I thought it was a good way to represent Basil's "shape-changing" powers.

Also wanted him to have backup in the form of Matt Hagen (Clayface II in the comics) and Preston Payne (Clayface III in the comics)

I kind of like the idea that even in that last panel, you still can't quite see the face of the killers.

If it isnt entirely clear, the group of faces just above Basil's head represents some of his many disguises.

Also another thing that might not be clear, this is totally one of the "unconfirmed sighting of the Batman" post TDK, pre TDKR.  And it is Bruce that beats the crap out of the Clayface murderer(s) and drops them off at GCPD

oh btw I want to mention I'm not trying to demonize FX studios at all.. In fact I was trying to bring to light he fact that film studios completely lowball them to the point of them having to shut-down. It's completely terrible and would drive any of them to high levels of frustration. This is kind if the 'postal' version for the entertainment industry... which thankfully didn't happen - but could have.
Kiddy Croc (and how I felt about the Gotham pilot) by kinjamin
Kiddy Croc (and how I felt about the Gotham pilot)
Ok I know, it's just a pilot.. but holy crap it was super corny.  How dumb do you think your audience is?  I mean does Ivy need to be holding a plant?  We really need Harvey to tell Ed Nygma "no riddles!"?  Still going to watch it because I love Batman that much.  (And sorry to anyone that actually liked it)
A Better Class Of Criminal (Nolanverse villains) by kinjamin
A Better Class Of Criminal (Nolanverse villains)
Wanted to group everyone together from the Epilogues and the movies (with new dudes added)

Some notes:
- If you're asking who's the creepy guy on the left next to Scarecrow, that's Clayface.  Before you throw a fit, I'm super happy with my interpretation of him.  Basing it on the first appearance of Clayface back in the 40s, Basil Karlo just wore a clay mask and was going around murdering the sh*t out of people on a movie set.  I'm working on a full piece for him, so I'll hold off on telling the whole story.  But it was my chance to go full-on serial killer.  I was not too keen on just making every Bat villain a murderous psychopath (e.g. some people wanted Riddler to be some zodiac killer), but it's all good when it comes to Basil.  Also, sort of keeping his shape changing powers.. turns out this version of Clayface uses movie prosthetics to hide his identity

- Tried to keep Deadshot as close as I could to his Gotham Knight interpretation, since I sorta hold those up as TDK canon.  But his get up was super flamboyant, so I opted to make it look as homeless as possible since he's trying to remain inconspicuous. If you can't tell, that's a Gotham Rogues hat he's wearing (I just couldn't with the zoot suit hat - that thing's ridiculous)

- Also tried to keep Croc close to his GK design. If you look up cases of actual hyperkeratosis (his skin condition) -- it really looks scaly as hell (uhhhh. don't look it up at work, though) -- also wanted to note my favorite version of Croc is Azzarello's 'Joker' version so that's in the mix, too.

- Scarecrow looks crazy because that's the fear gas version of him.  Wanted to make it so when you look at him, you must be under the influence.  It's hard to tell but there's worms coming out of his mouth

- That's Manbat above scarecrow - he's a silhouette on purpose.  My idea is that Manbat is a Scarecrow experiment/manifestation.. I might elaborate on it later.. but I like that he's kind of a mystery coupled with J.Crane

- People are asking me what happened to Harley's scar.  To be honest, I kind of regretted giving her a cut smile -- it's so contrived.  But looking back, I let her do it with a surgical knife.  For anyone that's been in surgery like me, you know those heal pretty well if you treat them right.  And unlike the Joker, Harley isn't full-on unsanitary.  But if you're a fan of the cut smile, don't worry, Joker drives Harley so crazy she just may cut herself over and over (which is terrible, btw)

- That is Patton Oswalt as Penguin because even though it was a joke short film, I thought he was brilliant as Oswald.

- For people saying Mr. Freeze is too sci-fi for the nolanverse.. that is literally just a blue hazmat suit on him.

- happy accident that somehow the main film villains from a V (for villain) from Ra's to his daughter (I don't really count Selina as a main villain)
TDK Trilogy Epilogue: The Dee Dee Twins by kinjamin
TDK Trilogy Epilogue: The Dee Dee Twins
Really liked how the Dee Dee twins turned out in the Batman Beyond Epilogue I did last.. so wanted to showcase them. If you're a fan of Community and noticed that they look like Britta in her goth lolita Chang Dynasty disguise, then you would be correct.

I also liked how Duela turned out.. was going for a girl that very muched look like Heath Ledger's daughter.
I think I finally hashed out how I'm going to do the Riddler. Gonna take some time tho because its going to be a double spread. But I'm really fusing him into the TDK trilogy lore.


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kinjamin Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Not really a fan of that theory so no. Sorry.  The Riddler is suppose to be brilliant and that guy did not come off as brilliant at all.
piemaster1446 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013
I was wondering if you could check out my new drawing. It is based off of your Dark Knight Epilogue. 
It is on my page. Thanks!
piemaster1446 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013
could you start showing some of your WIPs like the sketched versions more?
thebat12345 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
you should do an epilogue for riddler,killer croc,and the penguin
bkno Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013
And Anarky. Please Anarky.
thebat12345 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
anarky and the riddler
unusedusername111 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013
Agreed! :D
Sketchfan Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013
>>foryour dark night trilogy have anyones planned for the riddler?black mask?killer croc?penguin?
kinjamin Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013  Professional Filmographer
I have an idea for Riddler but need to lock down his design - not sure when that will happen.
Sketchfan Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013
hmmm,in terms of a design,why not take the best ones that work'……………
with a maybe a hint from the design of matt miller and his deckers gang from the saints row games,you know?a techno/cyberpunk goth hacker motif,to match the char's The Batman look

and the others I mentioned?>>;cause I have some ideas for those if you don't have any concepts yet,like say;… with hints from his arkham city look;… and some of the backstory too;like..he is a culuture sort of bird..but he can be downright sadistic when push comes to shove………

for black mask,go with the background the arkham unhinged comics provided him with;heir to the wealthy Sionis family. His parents were extremely negligent, and after they blamed him for their businesses going under and cut him off from their fortune, Roman burnt their mansion down and killed them. The company was still failing, but was bailed out by Bruce Wayne, causing Sionis to hate him out of resentment. After carving a mask out of his father's black coffin, Sionis tried to take revenge on Wayne but was stopped by Batman, with his mask being burnt into his skin.From the day he was born, Roman's parents cared nothing for him. They hadn't even left the hospital after his birth before he fell onto the ground and cracked his head open while they chatted away uncaring. After paying off the hospital to cover up the accident, they proceeded to ignore him for his entire life until they needed a scapegoat for Sionis Industries going under. He finally snapped and burned their house down with them in it.………………

croc I'll admit,might be a tad trickier,if you're trying to stick more to nolanverse's more grounded in realism shtick and shpiel but what do you think so far?
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